“Discover the Consequences of Illegally Occupying Electric Vehicle Spaces”

The issue of fuel-based vehicle owners unlawfully occupying spaces designated for is on the rise. This article sheds light on the ramifications of this action as well as the potential awaiting offending electric vehicle owners.

Legal Ramifications under French Law

Under the Highway Code in , specifically article R417-10, parking in spaces marked for electric vehicles is a violation of law. The act obstructs traffic and offenders can be fined. It is treated with the same severity as parking in a taxi rank, carrying a penalty of 35 euros if caught.

The Fee Structure

The fee structure is quite distinct. A reduction in the fine to 22 euros is possible if the violator pays within 15 days. For those who prefer online payment with a card, a 30-day payment window applies. Failure to pay results in an increased fine up to 75 euros.

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Penalties for Electric Vehicle Owners

Operational charges for electricity can also apply to electric vehicle owners. For instance, if an owner charges the vehicle and fails to move it after the charge is complete, they may incur additional costs. and TotalEnergies are among the operators that impose these charges.

  • Tesla charges an extra 22.50 euros per hour after full charge and increases the charge to 55 euros if the charging station is at capacity.
  • TotalEnergies adds 20 cents per minute to the bill after the vehicle has been fully charged for 45 minutes.

Enforcement by Police

The police have the authority to enforce these rules and impose fines for vehicles causing obstructions. Law enforcement also encourages victims of this issue to report it. If necessary, a vehicle can be immobilized and towed, leading to more costs for the owner.

Alternative Solutions

When faced with an occupied charging point, electric vehicle owners can turn to Google Maps or Waze. These apps are highly valued for their real-time and extensive database, providing precise locations for other available charging points.

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