Shock Revelation: Beatles Back Together with New Song

Shock Revelation: Beatles Back Together With New Song

53 years post-split, Beatles enthusiasts were delighted by the release of a new song, “Now and Then,” on November 2. A historic event for music fans, the track boasts contributions from all members of the iconic band, demonstrating the Beatles’ enduring influence on popular music and their timeless appeal. A Song Born from the Past … Read more

DLSS Update Sparks Excitement Among Starfield Players

Dlss Update Sparks Excitement Among Starfield Players

Great news for Starfield players! Bethesda has confirmed that they will be integrating DLSS support into the game, a welcome addition that is set to improve gameplay significantly. While the partnership with AMD had led to the initial presence of FSR, DLSS had been notably absent. This left players to resort to community-created mods in … Read more

China’s New Processor Outperforms Intel: What You Need to Know

China's New Processor Outperforms Intel: What You Need To Know

China makes a groundbreaking stride in the computing field with the launch of its latest processor, the Loongson 3A6000, boasting standout performance that even surpasses well-established rivals like 10th generation Intel processors and AMD Zen2 in Instructions Per Cycle (IPC). Loongson 3A6000: A Closer Look at the Specifications The Loongson 3A6000 comes equipped with a … Read more

Is the French Military Invading the Metaverse? Reality or Hoax?

Is The French Military Invading The Metaverse Reality Or Hoax

Embarking on an innovative venture, the French Ministry of the Armies has introduced a virtual space within the metaverse. This endeavour, utilising the Decentraland platform, offers a fresh approach to engage the youth and showcase the military realm in a fun, interactive way. The purpose behind this project is to attract the younger generation – … Read more

“Discover the Secret Language Taking Over WhatsApp”

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has become a hotbed for coded messages among young users. With this secret language, they communicate complex emotions and thoughts in a cryptic fashion, often leaving elders baffled. Common Coded Messages on WhatsApp The series “143” is a recurrent one, representing “I love you”. Each number stands for a letter … Read more

Warning: Diesel Shortage Crisis Looming Over Europe

Warning: Diesel Shortage Crisis Looming Over Europe

As we approach the winter season, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has issued a warning regarding a potential diesel shortage in Europe. This shortage may cause fuel prices to spike and is primarily a result of the embargo on Russian crude oil, imposed by the European Union. Also, the geopolitical tensions brewing in the Middle … Read more

Find out Why Orange is Dominating Telecoms in France

Find Out Why Orange Is Dominating Telecoms In France

Recently, a thorough study conducted by the French regulatory authority, Arcep, shed light on the fierce competition among telecommunication giants in France. One provider seems to have taken the lead – Orange. By outperforming its competitors in most metrics, it was found to be delivering a top-notch service across the board. Arcep’s New Speed Threshold … Read more

Revealed: How iOS 17.1 Update can Transform your iPhone Experience

Revealed: How Ios 17.1 Update Can Transform Your Iphone Experience

Good news for iPhone users: iOS 17.1 update is now available in its stable version, bringing subtle yet significant improvements to enhance your overall experience. Improved Compliance with ANFR Standards The new update ensures that iPhone 12 is now fully compliant with the French National Frequency Agency’s (ANFR) standards. This has been achieved by reducing … Read more

Unleash the Power of Windows 11: EU Users, Your Time Is Coming!

Unleash The Power Of Windows 11: Eu Users Your Time Is Coming!

Microsoft’s Copilot for Windows, introduced in March, has been making waves in the tech world. The feature was tested on preview versions of Windows 11 during the summer and, apart from the European Union (EU), made available to all users of the stable version of the operating system in September. The delay in Copilot’s availability … Read more