SpaceX’s Starship – The Giant Leap that Shook the World!

Spacex's Starship The Giant Leap That Shook The World!

On March 14, SpaceX’s Starship launched successfully for the third time, proving its status as the world’s most powerful rocket. The event, covered in live, high-definition footage, demonstrated considerable progress despite some challenges. The Launch The launch, carried out under the approval of the US administration received less than 24 hours prior, took off from … Read more

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Fixes Major Security Flaws: Details Inside

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Fixes Major Security Flaws: Details Inside

The much-anticipated Microsoft Patch Tuesday for March 2024 is now live, addressing critical security fixes and resolving issues that have been hampering PC updates. As part of the routine, the Patch Tuesday releases happen every second Tuesday of the month, with the latest patches available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. The March … Read more

‘Web Distribution’: Apple’s Alarming New Feature for iOS Users

'web Distribution': Apple's Alarming New Feature For Ios Users

Apple is stepping forward with a new initiative enabling iOS apps to be downloaded directly from websites. This significant move, integrated into the most recent update – iOS 17.4, is targeted primarily for users in Europe. Web Distribution: A new Apple feature The innovative feature, known as “Web Distribution”, is slated for launch with a … Read more

“Pornhub against New EU Regulations: Legal Battle Continues”

With the enforcement of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) on the horizon, the online adult entertainment industry is at odds with the newly imposed regulations. At the center of this dispute are “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) including Pornhub. The DSA and VLOPs The DSA sets new rules for VLOPs, including the need to … Read more

Is Airbnb About to Lose its Tax-Powered Superpower in France?

Is Airbnb About To Lose Its Tax Powered Superpower In France

French politicians are urging the Council of State to cease tax benefits for Airbnb landlords. This cross-party initiative is aimed at countering the current disproportionate tax cuts for furnished tourist rental platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, and Abritel. Tax Loophole Reduction The 2024 budget has plans to scale down the tax loophole for platforms such … Read more

Discover MSI’s Groundbreaking QD-OLED Screens

Discover Msi's Groundbreaking Qd Oled Screens

In an exciting development for gamers, MSI has announced seven QD-OLED screens, first unveiled at CES 2024. These high-specification screens range from 27 to 49 inches, using 3rd generation QD-OLED panels from Samsung Display. MSI is joining the league of other manufacturers like Alienware, Asus, and Samsung in offering similar screens. Details of the New … Read more

Discover AMD’s FreeSync: The Next-Gen Display Revolution

Discover Amd's Freesync: The Next Gen Display Revolution

Delve into the evolving world of display standard, FreeSync – a brainchild of AMD, designed to be a flexible alternative to NVIDIA’s G-Sync. Unveiled in 2015, it had an open-door policy to monitor quality certification, often drawing criticism for being lenient on quality control. In response to the criticism, AMD launched FreeSync 2 in 2017 … Read more

Why You Need to Avoid VPNs Without Split Tunneling

Why You Need To Avoid Vpns Without Split Tunneling

Discover how Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enhance your privacy and security online by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server. Get a grip on the popular split tunneling feature that allows you to customise your online activities, deciding which should be safeguarded with a VPN and which can occur over a normal … Read more

Discover the Dark Side of Your Internet Usage – Safety at Risk!

Discover The Dark Side Of Your Internet Usage Safety At Risk!

Are you an internet user seeking to protect your online privacy? A secure and anonymous connection is the solution most internet users find in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Traditional internet browsing comes with its inherent risks. Data and metadata, which can reveal the user’s identity and track their activities, are involved. This is where Internet … Read more

Revealed: The Hidden Danger in Your IP Address!

Revealed: The Hidden Danger In Your Ip Address!

An IP address is your device’s unique digital identifier, enabling communication and providing basic information like geolocation and internet service provider details. When unguarded, it can be a potential loophole for privacy infringement. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to find your IP address on various devices and how to … Read more