It's time to party

You are Invited!

We’re having a joint Housewarming / PhD Celebration party on the 18th of March!

We’re going to be celebrating for the whole day, and would love for you to join us. We will have a day full of fun and festivities for the whole family, and we hope to see you there!

why we're partying

PhD Defense + New Home = Time to Party 🥳

Below we’ve included an overview of the different events which will be taking place on the weekend of the 17th/18th of March. We hope that you can make it along to them all. Be sure to click the arrow to see the full text. 

Below is a RSVP form – we would ask you to fill it in so that we can make sure to have the most rocking parties 😎

Friday 17th of March 🥸

The day of the defence is generally split into three parts. The defence will be held both digitally, and on campus in UiS in the auditorium KE E-164, which is in Kjølv Egeland’s building. The timing of the sections are outlined below. If you fill in the form below, We'll also send across the option to view online via Zoom.

The sections are: 

  1. The trial lecture - 10.00 AM
    This is an independent part of the examination for the PhD degree and is held on an assigned topic. The purpose of the lecture is to test the candidate’s ability to disseminate research-based knowledge.
  2. Disputation - 12.00 noon
    Shortly after the trial lecture the public defence begins - The public defence is the PhD candidate's defence of the thesis.
  3. Lunch - Varies, but likely after 14.00
    Once the trial lecture and disputation is completed, the candidate, supervisors, opponents and guests are invited to a lunch.

    It will also be possible to watch the full session digitally, login information will be provided in advance and more information will be provided as it arrives. 

Family friendly party 🎉

The main celebrations of the PhD + housewarming party will be held on the Saturday.

We start off with a kid-centered party, where there will be fun and games for the youngest, food and refreshments, followed by the arrival of a special guest.

The youngest are encouraged to bring a teddy or doll of their liking along to the party.

Time: 14.00-16.30 pm
Be sure to fill in the form below and we will you information on the address etc. 

Party into the night 🕺💃 🪩

Switching the focus of the celebration, we will kick-off a party that lasts into the night.

There will be a few cool and swanky games, music and dancing, food and some drinks. Feel free to bring along a drink of your liking too (we'll have plenty, but likely not your favourite) 🍻

Later on, for those who wish to continue the party into the night, we will be heading into Stavanger to continue the party there.

Time: 19.30-Late
Be sure to fill in the form below and we will you information on the address etc. 

Let us know you'll be there

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