Discover The Dark Secret of HelloKitty Ransomware’s Transformation

Discover The Dark Secret Of Hellokitty Ransomware's Transformation

Discover the intriguing journey of HelloKitty ransomware, now rebranded as HelloGookie, and its impact in the cyberworld, most notably, its high-profile attack on CD Projekt Red. From HelloKitty to HelloGookie Originated in November 2020, the notorious HelloKitty ransomware has been rebranded as HelloGookie by its creator, known by the aliases Gookee or kapuchin0. This transition … Read more

Exposed: How REKK Gang Stole Millions from Amazon

Exposed: How Rekk Gang Stole Millions From Amazon

Amazon tackles cybercrime head-on by suing the notorious gang REKK, who have been manipulating the company’s return and refund system. The online retail giant alleges that the gang stole millions of dollars through their fraudulent activities. This scheme lasted for approximately a year, during which REKK caused substantial losses. REKK’s Strategy and Operation REKK lured … Read more