Are You Aware of the Downfall of Phone Scams in France?

Are You Aware Of The Downfall Of Phone Scams In France

There’s good news: French citizens are increasingly resistant to the siren song of phone scams. Progress has been made in the fight against unwanted calls, with more people disregarding numbers they don’t recognize. Changing Behavior and Regulations In the past few years, French people have become more vigilant. Figures from Arcep, the nation’s governing body … Read more

Storm Aftermath Warning: Beware of Posing Technicians!

Storm Aftermath Warning: Beware Of Posing Technicians!

As the dust settles from Storms Ciaran and Domingos in France, an unwelcome aftermath brings new worries; fake technicians and door-to-door salesmen are capitalizing on the situation, posing as helpful service providers. These con-artists, masquerading as EDF, Orange, or Endis technicians, exploit the chaos by showing up unannounced for what they claim are essential repairs … Read more