Jason Deegan
I am Dr. Jason Deegan

And I recently completed my PhD in the University of Stavanger focused on how it is that regions transform. 

About Me

Areas of Expertise

Data Science

I have considerable experience in using popular data science languages and methods, in particular I have extensive experience with R, Python, SQL and Azure Data Studio.


A researcher with a broad based research focus over the course of my career, both within the private sector alongside my recently completed PhD.which focused on processes of Regional transformation.


I have organised and led marketing and communications campaigns in a number of markets around the world.

Project Management

I have Led projects with responsibility for preparing budgets, tracking progress, and keeping stakeholders updated.

about me

A researcher focused on leveraging advanced methods to identify transformative potential

I defended my PhD thesis on March 17th, 2023 at the University of Stavanger, where I focused on Regional Transformation. My supervisors were Tom Broekel, Silje Haus-Reve and Rune Dahl Fitjar.

I have a Master’s of Public Policy from University College Dublin, and a Bachelor in Marketing from Technological University of Dublin.

Recent experience:

I have a number of years of professional experience spanning across several industries, where I had the responsiblity of managing diverse teams to deliver on projects across several international markets.

I recently worked in Marketing Operations in Easee. 

Recent experience:

  • Led multi-market projects involving interdisciplinary teams of product and marketing managers in launching new products in several markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Led digital communication projects in several markets in the Middle East focused on road safety with the FIA
  • Co-ordinated the digital transformation of a large real estate organisation
  • Extensive digital development experience through personal digital communications consultancy
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Published Academic Research

Published: 2023
Published: 2023

Regional transformation; between policy intervention and knowledge dynamics?

Ph.D. Thesis

In my Ph.D. thesis I unravel how it is that processes of regional transformation can produce economic growth
Published: 2023
Published: 2023

Translating in Practice

Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift - Norwegian Journal of Geography

The article examines a key component of regional smart specialisation strategy, namely the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) and how it unfolds in three regions in Norway.

One Coast, Two Systems

Growth and Change

This paper introduces an analytical framework for understanding how specialized and diversified regional innovation system (RIS) differ in the way an entrepreneurial discovery processes function in different regions. We analyze the regional industry structure of the city regions of Bergen and Stavanger.
Published: 2021
Published: 2021

Searching through the Haystack

Economic Geography

This article examines which economic domains regional policy makers aim to develop in regional innovation strategies, focusing in particular on the complexity of those economic domains and their relatedness to other economic domains in the region.
Published: 2019
Published: 2019

Corrupting Perceptions

Journal of Anti-Corruption Law

This paper examines the impact early ratification of the United Nations Convention against Corruption has on a country’s Corruption Perceptions Index score. I find that early ratification of UNCAC does have an impact on a country’s CPI score.
Published: 2018
Published: 2018

The self and the other

Irish Communications Review

Based on my bachelor thesis - we examined the tweets of an Israeli and Palestinian semi-offical Twitter account between late 2015 and early 2016. Using textual analysis, we gain an insight into how these Twitter accounts, defined by the conflict, are used in portraying the self and the other.
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