“Quishing” Scams on the Rise: Protect Yourself Today!

Scams, frauds, and trickery – they’re as old as civilization itself. In today’s digital age, the art of scamming has evolved to take on a new form, one that involves the humble QR code. A new type of scam dubbed “Quishing” is emerging and it’s causing concern in various sectors. The Rise of QR Codes … Read more

One Click Catastrophe: City Services Paralyzed by Major Cyber attack

One Click Catastrophe: City Services Paralyzed By Major Cyber Attack

The community of Floirac, a commune within Bordeaux Metropolis, has been struck by a disruptive cyber attack that significantly impacted their municipal services and city hall’s computer network. Effect on City and Residents The cyberattack has had sweeping effects, creating a tumultuous situation for nearly 18,000 residents. The assault on municipal digital servers was significant … Read more

Danger! Invisible Malware Stealing Your Banking Data: All You Need to Know

Danger! Invisible Malware Stealing Your Banking Data: All You Need To Know

SoumniBot is a high-tech malware specifically designed to attack Android devices, targeting banking data, primarily focusing on clients in South Korea. This potent malware is not only a significant threat to Android devices globally but also to personal information. Eluding Detection and Analysis SoumniBot uses refined techniques to avoid detection and analysis. Through manipulating files … Read more

Sales of Electric Scooters in France Unexpectedly Slump!

Sales Of Electric Scooters In France Unexpectedly Slump!

Electric scooter sales in France have seen a slump in 2023, with a drop of 10.7%. Despite the dip, the market has shown significant growth since the turn of the decade. 2023 Electric Scooter Sales A total of 678,000 units were sold in 2023, marking a decrease from previous years. This could be attributed to … Read more

Warning: EU Citizens at Risk of Losing Data Privacy

Warning: Eu Citizens At Risk Of Losing Data Privacy

Europe is gearing up for a change in cloud security standards with the introduction of the European Union Cloud Services (EUCS) Certification. Let’s delve into what this might mean for users and tech giants in the EU. Understanding the EUCS Certification Primarily, the EUCS certification was introduced as a means to maintain state sovereignty when … Read more

Malware Alert: Windows Devices in Crosshairs of New Threat Byakugan!

Malware Alert: Windows Devices In Crosshairs Of New Threat Byakugan!

Windows devices are now under a new threat – a malware named Byakugan, stealing sensitive data and providing remote access to attackers. What is Byakugan? Byakugan is a sophisticated malware that specifically targets Windows devices. It’s built using node.js and includes a variety of libraries such as a screen monitor, miner, keystroke recorder, file manipulator, … Read more

Amazon’s Shocking Move: Is Cardboard Dead?

Amazon's Shocking Move: Is Cardboard Dead

Amazon is revolutionizing its approach to packaging, taking significant strides away from its signature cardboard materials. Shifting Away from Cardboard Amazon’s strategy now includes various alternatives to the traditional cardboard box. These range from packaging-free services to cardboard envelopes and even paper bags. This new approach is a part of Amazon’s sustained efforts to minimize … Read more

Hidden Secrets of Icy Moons: What Scientists Are Finding

Hidden Secrets Of Icy Moons: What Scientists Are Finding

The fascinating challenge of exploring icy moons such as Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus involves navigating their frozen surfaces. This involves drilling through ice layers that are kilometers thick, a task complicated by uneven landscapes, tidal effects and other disturbances within the ice. SLUSH Project: A New Hope for Ice Drilling The Search for Life … Read more

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft’s Sensitive Data

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft's Sensitive Data

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, recently experienced a security issue, exposing sensitive information to the public, putting the company’s data and services at risk. Azure’s Security Flaw Azure, the cloud service provided by Microsoft, recently fell victim to a security flaw. This flaw led to the exposure of stored server information, making it accessible to the … Read more