Warning! 2.2 Million Tesla Cars in Danger Due to Software Flaw!

Warning! 2.2 Million Tesla Cars In Danger Due To Software Flaw!

Another significant update hits Tesla in the USA, as small warning signals trigger a widespread software overhaul. This follows previous updates necessitated on an astounding volume of vehicles. In fact, just last January, a staggering 1.6 million cars in China were subjected to a corrective update. This time, the trigger for the update was discovered … Read more

Shocking Incident at Tesla: Employee Attacked by Malfunctioning Machine

Shocking Incident At Tesla: Employee Attacked By Malfunctioning Machine

A concerning incident at Tesla’s Austin gigafactory in 2021, involving an engineer attacked by a malfunctioning machine, brings to focus the safety issues within these workplaces. Incident Details An engineer at Tesla’s Austin gigafactory fell victim to a mechanical malfunction in 2021. The rogue machine’s metal claws embedded themselves into the worker’s arm and back, … Read more