Attention: Unprecedented Electricity Price Hike Coming This February

Get ready for an upswing in electricity prices this February. But fear not, you can mitigate the hike by switching your supplier or package. Our research has identified two promising offers that could put a significant dent in your annual expenses.

Testing the best deals

We've conducted extensive tests to identify the best deals in the market, our main focus being on the offers from EDF. The rewarding EDF Tempo offer surfaced as a potential game-changer, promising an annual saving of 12.4% – this means you could bring down your total bill from €840 to €736.32.

The workings of EDF Tempo

The EDF Tempo operates according to a unique calendar that comprises of blue, white and red days.

  • Blue days: With 300 such days in a year, you could enjoy savings up to 42% during off-peak hours and up to 44% during peak hours when compared to the regulated tariff.
  • White days: These take up 43 days of the year and present an opportunity to save up to 32% during off-peak hours and up to 33% during peak hours.
  • Red days: While there are 22 red days in a year when your consumption should ideally be reduced, they offer up to 27% saving in off-peak hours despite peak hour prices being three times higher.
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To make the most of these savings, you would fare well with a recently built, energy-efficient home.

EDF Zen Flex offer

Yet another attractive offer from EDF is the Zen Flex, which also showed potential for savings at 6.55% in our test scenario.

  • The Zen Flex has 345 Eco days per year with off-peak kWh costs being 20% cheaper and provides 17 off-peak hours each day.
  • The remaining 20 days, dubbed as the “Sobriety” days, urge consumers to reduce usage as electricity during peak hours is three times pricier.

Alternative suppliers

Other suppliers too offer enticing deals and thus, remain strong contenders. Notably, two offers from OHM Energy emerged as the second and third best deals in our test.

  • The Maxi Eco HC offer from OHM Energy could save you €100 (11.9%) on your 2023 bill.
  • The Standard fixe électricité offer from TotalEnergies, which provides a fixed price for a year, could save you €73 (8.7%).
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