Malware Alert: Windows Devices in Crosshairs of New Threat Byakugan!

Malware Alert: Windows Devices In Crosshairs Of New Threat Byakugan!

Windows devices are now under a new threat – a malware named Byakugan, stealing sensitive data and providing remote access to attackers. What is Byakugan? Byakugan is a sophisticated malware that specifically targets Windows devices. It’s built using node.js and includes a variety of libraries such as a screen monitor, miner, keystroke recorder, file manipulator, … Read more

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft’s Sensitive Data

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft's Sensitive Data

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, recently experienced a security issue, exposing sensitive information to the public, putting the company’s data and services at risk. Azure’s Security Flaw Azure, the cloud service provided by Microsoft, recently fell victim to a security flaw. This flaw led to the exposure of stored server information, making it accessible to the … Read more

Discover how 1980s Floppy Disks Still Control San Francisco’s Transport

Discover How 1980s Floppy Disks Still Control San Francisco's Transport

Imagine a world where critical metropolitan transportation systems are still powered by floppy disks from the 1980s. That’s not a fabricated dystopian-future movie scenario, but the actual case in San Francisco. San Francisco’s Unusual Legacy Tech: Floppy Disks The local transportation network of San Francisco, the SFMTA, keeps their trains and metros running with a … Read more

AI Gone Rogue: Sparks of War from Fake News

Ai Gone Rogue: Sparks Of War From Fake News

April 5, 2024, marked a significant incident in the realm of digital misinformation when a fake news story about an Iranian attack on Israel was circulated by Grok, an AI chatbot on (formerly Twitter). This event has brought to light the dangers of unchecked artificial intelligence in the information sharing space. The Incident Grok, … Read more

AdBlue: The Dangerous Downsides of Your Diesel Car’s Savior

Adblue: The Dangerous Downsides Of Your Diesel Car's Savior

If you drive a diesel vehicle, you may be familiar with AdBlue, a commonly used additive that’s intended to limit the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) released into the atmosphere. But the technology isn’t without its challenges. The primary role of AdBlue, a mixture of purified water and high purity urea, is to reduce … Read more

Discover VerifEye, the App That Sees Through Your Lies

Discover Verifeye The App That Sees Through Your Lies

Free app VerifEye, developed by Converus, purports to detect dishonesty with an impressive 80% success rate, already making waves in fields that put high value on truthfulness. The App in Action VerifEye has already found use among professionals who need to confirm the truth of statements. For instance, IsoTalent, a recruitment firm in Utah, utilized … Read more

Microsoft Removes Teams: A Shocking Shift in Strategy

Microsoft Removes Teams: A Shocking Shift In Strategy

Recent developments signal a significant change in the landscape of productivity software as Microsoft decides to remove Teams, its popular communication and collaboration tool, from the Office suite. This move is motivated by the desire to avoid potential legal complications regarding antitrust laws. From Integration to Isolation In 2017, Teams was bundled with the Office … Read more

Is the Honor Magic 6 Pro The Ultimate Smartphone for Photographers?

Is The Honor Magic 6 Pro The Ultimate Smartphone For Photographers

The Honor Magic 6 Pro convincingly joins the league of top-notch smartphones for photography, demonstrating its prowess with high-quality photos and a superlative AMOLED screen. Photography Credentials The Honor Magic 6 Pro’s photography credentials are bolstered by its 50MP main sensor, equipped with a dual-aperture f/1.4-f/2 lens. This setup ensures a high level of detail, … Read more

Is White Hydrogen the Energy of the Future?

Is White Hydrogen The Energy Of The Future

Drawing attention worldwide as a potential future energy resource is white hydrogen, also known as natural hydrogen. There is a rising number of companies that are currently exploring their potential deposits in a bid to tap into this promising market. Their operations are not limited to just one region, but span across eight different countries … Read more