Don’t Miss Your Chance: PlayStation 5 Offers You Six Months of Free Apple Music

Get ready to groove to the tunes! PlayStation 5 owners now have an exciting six-month free access to Music! Don't miss this exciting offer that lasts only until November 15, .

How to Avail?

To avail of this wonderful offer, all you need is your PlayStation 5 and Apple Music app. Just download the Apple Music app on your console and register. It's that simple! The offer is open to both new entrants in the realm of streaming services and those who've used the services before, tagged as “qualified former customers”.

Apple Music on All Devices

Once you're registered, your free account isn't just limited to your PlayStation 5. Enjoy the free beats on your Apple, Android, and Windows devices as well. It's music without borders, only for you.

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Pricing After Six Months

Please note that after an amazing six-month period of free music services, you will be charged 10.99 euros per month.

What’s in the Store?

With Apple's streaming audio service, you're in for a treat. Immerse yourself in a library of nearly 100 million songs. It's time to get lost in the realm of music!

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