Europe Sets Its Sight on X-rated Online Platforms

Major online pornography platforms are under increased scrutiny from the European Commission, with a focus on companies like Pornhub, Xvideos, and Stripchat. The move comes as part of new regulatory efforts due to the that came into effect last August.

The platform classification now encompasses these sites as they are considered “very large online platforms” with a user base exceeding 45 million per month in Europe. This designation was not immediately applied due to debates surrounding the accuracy of user traffic figures. Pornhub, for example, initially claimed it only had 33 million monthly users in Europe, a figure later corrected by the European Commission.

Implementing New Rules

The new , set to take effect from February , require these platforms to meet specific transparency requirements, perform assessments, and take measures to significantly reduce the presence of illegal content. This notably includes child pornography, a matter of pressing societal concern.

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Shift in Decision Making

This new classification has significant implications beyond just the increased regulation. It also changes the locus of decision-making power regarding the potential blocking of these sites from France to the . This ongoing issue has been a legal hotspot for several years, with no definitive resolution.

The decision made by Brussels could potentially absolve Arcom, the French regulatory body, from having to make this challenging decision. This could mark an important turning point in the complex issue of online content regulation, especially concerning sites that draw such high user traffic.

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