Microsoft Edge’s Exciting Update: What You Need to Know!

Get ready to experience a new level of convenience with the latest update of Edge. The update not only brings an integrated tool for testing internet connection speed, but also addresses critical vulnerabilities. Its other features are designed to enhance , making Microsoft Edge a top-tier software in its category.

Update Rollout and Improvements

As part of the stable version rollout, the new update introduces an easy-to-use function in the sidebar. This function allows users to test their internet connection speed at the press of a button. When the button is clicked, a new tab opens, redirecting the user to Bing's dedicated speed tester.

Other sidebar tools that Microsoft Edge offers include a clock, calculator, translator, dictionary, and a unit converter. Compared to its predecessor, Edge 124, which primarily targeted businesses, this update continues to offer features for general public use. It includes a child mode and a protection mode, providing an even more user-friendly experience.

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Security Vulnerabilities Addressed

On top of the new features, Microsoft has patched two severe security vulnerabilities in the Chromium project. These include CVE-2024-4331, an issue involving an unfree image in the Chrome function that could allow for remote corruption of system memory. The other, CVE-2024-4368, was a vulnerability similar to the previous one, this time involving Chrome's web rendering engine, Dawn.

Manual Update and Chrome Extensions Compatibility

A manual update to version 124.0.2478.80 is possible if the automatic update has not occurred. The updated Microsoft Edge also maintains compatibility with Chrome extensions, delivering augmented usability.

Future Enhancements

Microsoft has also announced future integration of AI ChatGPT and DALL-E. Apart from this, the update facilitates enhanced collaborative workspaces, ensuring Microsoft Edge keeps up with the evolving needs of businesses and teams globally.

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