“Microsoft Outlook: A Nightmare for macOS Users?”

A new version of Outlook is making waves, but not necessarily in a positive way. For macOS users, it has introduced some compatibility issues, while users had a preview of the new One Outlook over the summer.

Outlook: A Key Player in the Office Suite

Microsoft Outlook serves as a primary email application in the Office suite. Not just limited to email management, features of Outlook range from sending and receiving emails to a calendar, task manager, and contact manager for optimized productivity.

The Upcoming One Outlook

It's common knowledge that One Outlook is set to replace Mail application by September . This has been part of Microsoft's plan to harmonize the mail client experience across all devices.

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A Complimentary Move for MacBook Users

A noticeable change happened in March when Outlook for macOS became free for MacBook users. Previously, a subscription to Microsoft 365 or an Office license was a must-have.

The Fall in Rankings

The recent version of Outlook for macOS has seen numerous changes. Sadly, these modifications have caused a significant drop from third to tenth place in rankings. Such a fall can be attributed to a regression in HTML/CSS features with nearly fifty features disappearing. Among the missing features are the linear-gradient() and grid-template.

The Outlook on HTML and CSS

These , while intending to optimize the macOS version of Outlook, have unfortunately resulted in issues with HTML and CSS management in Outlook. Consequently, the view is now heavily based on the web version of the mail client.

Alternatives for Users

Given this situation, users have the option to switch to 's Mail application as an alternative. This might be a way to navigate around the compatibility issues currently faced by the macOS version of Outlook.

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