One Click Catastrophe: City Services Paralyzed by Major Cyber attack

The community of Floirac, a commune within Bordeaux Metropolis, has been struck by a disruptive cyber attack that significantly impacted their municipal services and city hall's computer network.

Effect on City and Residents

The has had sweeping effects, creating a tumultuous situation for nearly 18,000 residents. The assault on municipal digital servers was significant enough that it forced the closure of some city services. Despite this, the city hall's ID and passport services were still operational in a modified mode to complete necessary tasks.

Operational Changes and Precautions

With the city's digital equipment compromised, the management took swift actions to limit the damage. The city management applications have been rendered inoperative indefinitely. To adapt to the situation, some city hall staff were recommended to adopt remote working.

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Safety Measures

In a bid to protect the remaining infrastructure, the management opted to suspend the commune networks and internet access. Only the telephone services remained unaffected and operational. Despite the severity of the cyberattack, there has been no reported degradation of information systems and no known exfiltrated data.

Recovery Assistance

The dire situation prompted the commune of Floirac to reach out to the Bordeaux Metropolis teams for emergency aid to restore the affected services and secure the digital infrastructure.

Progress Towards Restoration

Efforts are currently under way to bring back the affected services. The restoration of all services is anticipated by Monday morning.

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