“Pornhub against New EU Regulations: Legal Battle Continues”

With the enforcement of the 's (DSA) on the horizon, the online adult entertainment industry is at odds with the newly imposed . At the center of this dispute are “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) including Pornhub.

The DSA and VLOPs

The DSA sets new rules for VLOPs, including the need to remove illegal content from their platforms promptly. The act also stipulates that VLOPs need to provide potential access to a public advertising database and enforce stringent age verification procedures. These rules are set to become fully effective come April 20.

Non-compliant platforms facing hefty fines. The DSA mandates that platforms failing to adhere to its regulations could be fined up to 6% of their global revenue.

Pornhub’s Dispute

The EU argues that with over 45 million users from Europe frequenting Pornhub each month, it falls under the VLOP category. The platform's Canadian parent company, Aylo, disputes this figure. According to Aylo, the monthly visitor count stands closer to 32 million. In response to the EU's claim, Aylo filed a lawsuit in the Court on March 1.

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Other Players in the Fray

Pornhub is not the only adult entertainment company that is contesting the EU's user figures. Other notable names include Technius, the company behind Stripchat, and WebGroup Czech Republic, the firm that owns XVideos. Like Aylo, these companies have also moved forward with similar legal action challenging the EU's user data.

Despite these ongoing legal disputes, the European Commission remains firm. It has stated that it stands by its user calculations for Pornhub and Stripchat. The coming weeks promise to be a crucial time for both the EU and the adult entertainment industry as they continue their legal battles.

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