Ready to Be Shocked? Windows 11 Introduces QR Code Link Sharing in Edge

Get ready for a whole new experience with your Windows device! The beta version of promises to revamp your usual way of working by introducing link sharing on the Edge browser and many more exciting features. Let's delve into the details.

Newest Additions to the Edge Browser

Build 22635.3420, currently in the beta channel, has been found to house a new feature in the Edge browser – link sharing via QR codes. This release is anticipated to make its way to the stable version of the operating system, given the testing phase concludes successfully.

QR Code Link Sharing: Making Life Easier

The introduction of the QR code generator is a game-changer. You can now right click anywhere on the site, select “Share”, and you'll see a QR code icon subject to having Edge browser as your tool. The benefits? You can effortlessly share a web page or cloud files to another device or person, eliminating the need to send the link through an email or a message.

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How Do You Use the QR Code?

It's strikingly simple! The QR code that pops up on your computer screen can be scanned with your , giving you swift access to the web page or cloud file. It's as efficient as copying a link.

A Few More Welcome Changes

In the same vein, build 22635.3420 of Windows 11 brings about remarkable changes to content sharing through Edge. For one, you no longer have to worry about accidentally closing the sharing window by clicking outside it. To close the window, you need to make a conscious effort to click the cross at the top right.

Revamping the User Experience

Windows 11 is all about redefining the . We're talking about a redesigned interface, customizable widgets and an improved integration of Teams aimed at magnifying the everyday usability of the device for all users. This includes professionals, creators, and the average user. An enriched, optimized experience awaits you!

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