Shocking: Disney Films Distressed by Hollywood Strike

The Hollywood strike that put the film industry on pause for several months has finally come to an end. Actors are now back to business following an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) maintained silence for a long 118 days during the strike, leading to a major disruption in the industry's schedules. The work stoppage has resulted in the delay of several film releases.

Disney Film Delays

Disney is one of the production companies hit by the strike. They have announced the postponement of several of their films. Notably, “Deadpool 3”, featuring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, initially set for a May 3, release, is now slated for July 26.

A number of other films from the house of Disney are also facing delays:

  • “Captain America: Brave New World” – originally scheduled for July 2024 is now moved to February 2025
  • “Blade” – now set for release on November 7
  • “Thunderbolts” – moved from December 20, 2024 to July 25, 2025
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Despite the reshuffling of release dates, Deadpool 3 remains the only film retaining its original 2024 release year.

Release Update: Mufasa: The Lion King

Moreover, Disney has announced a date for “Mufasa: The Lion King”. Originally planned for a July 5 release, the film is now rescheduled for December 20, 2024. The film industry is hopeful that with actors returning to work, it can now recover from the strike that has heavily impacted its schedules.

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