Shocking: RED by SFR Quietly Changes Pricing Structure

RED by SFR has recently made changes to their pricing structure, affecting both mobile and fixed services. This comes as a result of increased costs across various sectors such as electronic components, logistics, and raw materials.

Price Increases for Mobile Subscriptions

The telecommunications service has increased all mobile subscriptions by 0.99 euros.

Adjustments in Fiber Optic Offers

The low-cost brand of SFR hasn't shown any improvements in its fiber optic offers, despite increasing their prices. This has led to some level of dissatisfaction among customers, notably with the Red box offer. This particular offer, which was priced at 10 euros per month for fiber or ADSL without a commitment, doubled in price without any noticeable upgrades to the service.

Changes in Fixed Services

The price of SFR's fiber offer also saw an increase of 1 euro. The entry-level SFR Box 7 is now priced at 25.99 euros per month, while the SFR Box 8 version with Wi-Fi 6 is now available for 32.99 euros per month.

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DSL Subscribers Unaffected

Interestingly, those who subscribe to DSL services have not been affected by these changes, as they continue to pay the same rate of 19.99 euros each month.

The End of the Red Box Offer

The Red Box offer, which was a non-binding fiber or ADSL deal for 10 euros per month, will come to an end. Starting February 9, , subscribers of this plan will be required to pay 19.98 euros each month for the same options and equipment. Despite this, the offer will still remain non-binding, although it won't be marketed any further.

RED by SFR's Position in the Market

Despite these recent changes, RED by SFR retains its competitive edge in the market, continuing to offer its customers cost-effective solutions to their telecommunication needs.

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