What’s Going to Happen in Space in 2024? You Won’t Believe!

What's Going To Happen In Space In 2024 You Won't Believe!

Look up to the skies because 2024 is set to be a year of surprises and innovation in space exploration. US Billionaires Explore Space Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, two rival American companies, are preparing to offer their wealthy clients suborbital adventures. With Virgin Galactic’s next flight set for January 26th and further orbital flights … Read more

Will the Apple Vision Pro Truly Shake Up the Market?

Will The Apple Vision Pro Truly Shake Up The Market

Apple Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset, is gearing up to make its market debut in March 2024. Despite facing setbacks, the product is projected to make an impressive start, stirring up the market. Sales Projections The Apple Vision Pro is anticipated to kick off with strong sales. Initial estimates suggest around 400,000 units are … Read more