Warning: Linky Meter Scam Surge! Are you safe?

Warning: Linky Meter Scam Surge! Are You Safe

Over a thousand documented cases of Linky meter fraud have been exposed by Enedis, the French Utility Network Operator. Fraudulent practices are unlawful and easily detectable, yet they tend to surge during times of energy crisis. Enedis’ Countermeasures against Fraud The company has implemented a robust system to detect malpractices and deter potential fraudsters. Linky … Read more

Shocking: 200,000 French Households Volunteer for Record-Breaking Powercut!

Shocking: 200000 French Households Volunteer For Record Breaking Powercut!

Discover how 200,000 French households are set to engage with an innovative and temporary power limitation scheme. Governed by Linky meters, this scheme presents a fresh approach to managing electricity consumption. Understanding the Power Limitation Scheme Designed to ease pressure on the grid and assess the impact on electricity consumption, the scheme will temporarily reduce … Read more