Warning: Linky Meter Scam Surge! Are you safe?

Over a thousand documented cases of Linky meter have been exposed by Enedis, the French Utility Network Operator. Fraudulent practices are unlawful and easily detectable, yet they tend to surge during times of energy crisis.

Enedis’ Countermeasures against Fraud

The company has implemented a robust system to detect malpractices and deter potential fraudsters. are equipped with inbuilt automatic alarms, making them almost impregnable. Any attempts at fraud are swiftly detected and thwarted.

Types and Implications of Fraud

Fraudsters, often posing as technicians, employ diversion techniques to reduce recorded electricity consumption, sometimes by an astounding 75%. This practice, while highly detectable, can cause serious safety risks such as fires. Regardless of the known risks, some customers aren't deterred.

Linky’s Advanced Technology

The incorporated into Linky meters include numerous automatic alarms that immediately alert Enedis to any modifications. This technology, combined with Enedis' vast network of certified field controllers and office staff using , ensures quick and accurate detection of fraudsters.

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Penalties for Fraud

When apprehended, these wrongdoers face severe consequences. The penalties are hefty and can reach up to ten years of imprisonment and a of €1 million, not to mention the repayment of the stolen electricity and associated costs.

Recent Cases and Consequences

In a recent case in December, Linky meter traffickers operating in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté received sentences of two years (one year suspended) and one year (on probation), along with a €10,000 fine for one of them.

It's worth noting that customers involved can also be considered accomplices in these fraudulent activities and can be prosecuted. Fines for such complicity usually range from €3,000 to €6,000.

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