Intel’s Paradigm Shift: A Threat to AMD and NVIDIA?

Intel's Paradigm Shift: A Threat To Amd And Nvidia

Intel is charting new pathways in image generation technology, setting itself apart from industry giants AMD and NVIDIA. Intel’s Unique Approach: ExtraSS Intel is developing a unique image generation technology, a process that adopts a different strategy from AMD and NVIDIA. This novel approach, dubbed as ExtraSS, was presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, signaling a … Read more

DLSS Update Sparks Excitement Among Starfield Players

Dlss Update Sparks Excitement Among Starfield Players

Great news for Starfield players! Bethesda has confirmed that they will be integrating DLSS support into the game, a welcome addition that is set to improve gameplay significantly. While the partnership with AMD had led to the initial presence of FSR, DLSS had been notably absent. This left players to resort to community-created mods in … Read more