Intel’s Paradigm Shift: A Threat to AMD and NVIDIA?

is charting new pathways in image generation , setting itself apart from industry giants and .

Intel’s Unique Approach: ExtraSS

Intel is developing a unique image generation technology, a process that adopts a different strategy from AMD and NVIDIA. This novel approach, dubbed as ExtraSS, was presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, signaling a shift in the company's strategic direction.

Interpolation to Extrapolation

The shift involves moving from interpolation to extrapolation. In interpolation, both the previous and next images are used. Conversely, extrapolation relies solely on the next image. This method, however, might lead to inaccuracies.

Geometric Buffer: A Game Changer

Intel seeks to address potential irregularities by introducing a “geometric buffer.” This move diverges from the technology employed by AMD and NVIDIA, which often results in higher latency. Conversely, Intel's use of extrapolation aims to eliminate latency issues.

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XeSS: Reducing Inaccuracies

Further bolstering the effectiveness of their new approach, Intel's XeSS reduces these inaccuracies. It achieves this via a technique called geometric buffer deformation, guaranteeing enhanced quality with low latency.

Time will Tell

The final results of Intel's new approach and how developers will incorporate this novel technique remain to be seen. Clearly, Intel is audaciously exploring an approach distinct from its competitors, potentially ushering in a new era in image generation technology.

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