Are We Finally Cleaning up Space Junk? ADRAS-J Reveals the Answer

Are We Finally Cleaning Up Space Junk Adras J Reveals The Answer

A recent demonstration by Japanese company Astroscale has put the spotlight on a satellite capable of autonomously approaching space debris. Known as ADRAS-J, this satellite was launched into low Earth orbit on February 18. The mission’s primary focus was to test the potential future of removing debris floating around Earth. Astroscale has a vision: they … Read more

Are You Ready for SpaceX’s Most Ambitious Starship Launch Yet?

Are You Ready For Spacex's Most Ambitious Starship Launch Yet

SpaceX is geared up for yet another ambitious launch of Starship, its reusable spaceship, marking the possible second launch this year. This upcoming launch mirrors the dynamics of the previous one. The SuperHeavy will take the primary role of propelling Starship, all 32 engines blazing. The goal is to achieve the necessary speed and altitude … Read more