“Quishing” Scams on the Rise: Protect Yourself Today!

Scams, frauds, and trickery – they’re as old as civilization itself. In today’s digital age, the art of scamming has evolved to take on a new form, one that involves the humble QR code. A new type of scam dubbed “Quishing” is emerging and it’s causing concern in various sectors. The Rise of QR Codes … Read more

Unveiling the Mystery: Buying and Unpacking Abandoned Parcels – Is it Worth it?

Unveiling The Mystery: Buying And Unpacking Abandoned Parcels Is It Worth It

Discover the trend of buying and unpacking abandoned parcels, a unique and eco-friendly approach to reduce waste and find potentially valuable items. This article explores the legal aspects, auctions, risks, and fake offers in this intriguing market. Emerging Trend and Legal Aspects Making a purchase of abandoned parcels, unpacking them, and finding what treasures might … Read more