Unveiling the Mystery: Buying and Unpacking Abandoned Parcels – Is it Worth it?

Discover the trend of buying and unpacking abandoned parcels, a unique and eco-friendly approach to reduce waste and find potentially valuable items. This article explores the legal aspects, auctions, risks, and fake offers in this intriguing market.

Emerging Trend and Legal Aspects

Making a purchase of abandoned parcels, unpacking them, and finding what treasures might be inside has become an exciting new trend. It's a part of a larger effort to minimize waste. As of the anti-waste law of January 1, 2022, this activity has become completely legal in .

Auctions and Businesses

Abandoned parcel auctions are legally conducted in France, with the national postal service, La Poste, leading the charge. An example of this was an auction held in Nantes on December 1. But it's not only La Poste involved in this market. Various businesses are also purchasing unsold parcels by the pallet from delivery companies and then reselling them in bundles of 5, 10, 20, or even 100 kilos.

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Risks and Scams

Despite its appeal, this market isn't without its risks. are a primary concern. They often take the form of counterfeit offers advertised on social media platforms, with Facebook being a frequent host for these scams. Scammers lure in potential victims with tantalizing promises, such as a mystery parcel filled with potentially high-value items for only 1 or 2 euros. As a rule of thumb, if an offer appears excessively lucrative, it is likely a .

Moreover, you should be aware that does not resell its abandoned parcels. Therefore, any offers claiming to do so are fraudulent. Similarly, scams revolving around selling forged subscriptions or train cards at deeply discounted prices are also prevalent in this market.

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