The End of PS5 Exclusivity: PlayStation VR2 is Going PC Compatible

There's a buzz in the community: 's PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset is on its way to becoming compatible with Windows PC. No longer a PS5 exclusive accessory, as it was marketed at its launch a year ago, the device is expected to reach the PC platform by the end of this year.

Sony Announces PC Compatibility

Sony officially confirmed the release of its second VR headset for PC. The initial mention of PC compatibility was slated for June 2023. However, Sony hasn't outlined a specific release date for this exciting . Despite this, the tech giant has given a clear timeframe for its PC support: it will be expected in , with more details coming soon.

Impact on Market and User Experience

Upon its launch, PlayStation VR2 was exclusively for PS5, marking it as a distinct accessory for the console. This changed when Sony announced the upcoming PC compatibility. The company also stated that it was testing the possibility for PS VR2 users to access a wider variety of games on PC.

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Hints and Confirmations

Before the official announcement, there were already signs that PC compatibility was on the horizon. Just after the PS VR2 launch, techniques were reported that could make the VR headset work with a PC. In October, the PS VR2 was shown to be recognised by Windows in a screenshot posted by iVRy_VR on .

Dispelling Rumors

Despite rumours suggesting that the production of the PS VR2 headset was cut in half due to low pre-order demand, Sony refuted these claims. With the upcoming PC compatibility, the PlayStation VR2 is poised to expand its reach in the gaming market and provide a versatile gaming experience.

Playing on PC with VR2

The user iVRy_VR shared a screenshot of ‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order' being played on the PlayStation VR2. The game was run using the iVRy Driver for SteamVR on Windows. This shows the potential that the PS VR2 has in store for PC users, promising a whole new level of gaming immersion.

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