Uncover the Genius Behind Google’s Newest Acquisition: Photomath

Photomath, an innovative app that effortlessly solves math problems, is being championed by . This free app needs just a quick scan of a problem to present an immediate solution.

Developed by Microblink, a Croatian company, in 2014, the app works equally well on both simple and complex math problems. In 2022, the renowned tech giant, Google, acquired Microblink.

How does Photomath Work?

Using the camera of a , Photomath requires access to the device's photos and videos. Just scan the math problem with your smartphone, and the app's advanced algorithm will instantly provide a solution.

But it's not just about giving you the answers. Photomath also shows the step-by-step reasoning and calculation that leads to the solution. This feature helps users truly understand the problem-solving process, reinforcing learning.

What Can Photomath do?

Photomath is not just a simple calculator. It features an advanced scientific calculator that can handle a wide range of mathematical fields. From algebra, calculus, trigonometry and statistics, to basic math, Photomath covers it all.

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Users also have the option to explore different solution options, a feature that makes the app even more versatile and user-friendly.

The Future of Photomath

The future is promising for Photomath. In fact, a new paid version of the app, Photomath Plus, is soon to be available in . This upgraded version offers more detailed solutions and animated tutorials, aiding in a deeper understanding of mathematical problems.

The cost of subscribing to Photomath Plus isn't steep. At approximately 10 euros per month or between 60-70 euros annually, users can access this richer, more detailed math-solving tool.

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