Warning: The New Scam Threatening Your Business Ahead of Paris Olympics 2024

Beware, businesses! Scammers are swiftly turning their attention to the upcoming Paris Olympics , with fake food-truck spots now being a prime target. Offering counterfeit locations for substantial sums of money, the news underscores the need for vigilance.

Fake Food-Truck Spots – The New Scam Target

Fraudsters have launched a sophisticated scheme aimed at restauranteurs and merchants. They're offering phony spots via email or letter, asking victims for a deposit ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 euros for supposedly prime vending locations.

False Identity of Scammers

They make first contact through email and postal services, employing falsified documents imitating those from COJOP, the lofty committee overseeing the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Keep an eye for the deceptive “@-paris2024.org” email domain – the official domain is “@paris2024.org”.

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COJOP’s Genuine Approach

Factually, COJOP never directly contacts businesses, rather inviting them to bid on the Maximilien portal. Interestingly, no deposits are required for authentic stand rentals; instead, billing is done afterward based on the sales made.

Police Warning and Recommendations

The judicial police have issued a warning about these , first identified at the end of the previous year. Not just Paris, but businesses in Marseille and Nantes too are falling prey. They recommend entrepreneurs to always check the email domain and extension before making any transactions.

Links To Other Scams

The ingenious seems to be connected to the group notorious for the “President scam”. Consequently, several investigations have been initiated, arrests made, and criminal complaints filed. Quite notably, about 15 complaints have already been lodged in the Paris region alone, with one arrested suspect bearing Spanish nationality.

Law Enforcement’s Plea for Cooperation

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to report any dubious activities to [email protected] Already, several dozen reports have been received, underlining the dire need for cooperation between authorities and business owners.

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Stay alert, verify each email, and let's catch these scammers in their tracks!

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