Attention! Doctors Invade French Train Stations: Know Why

Imagine being able to visit a doctor right at your train station. This is soon to become a reality in , thanks to a new initiative by French railway transporter, . Let's discover this innovative project.

Addressing Medical Desert Issues

With the aim to tackle the issue of medical deserts in France, SNCF is installing new telemedicine spaces within its train stations. This concept of telemedicine spaces is sure to bring healthcare closer to those who need it, offering an innovative solution to a societal problem.

A Collaboration with Loxamed

The creation of these spaces is a collaborative effort with Loxamed. The aim is to create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for patients. To ensure quality service, each spot will be manned by a nurse and consultations will be carried out remotely by a doctor. This makes healthcare not only more accessible, but also more convenient and efficient.

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Booking a Consultation

Booking a consultation will be as easy as clicking a button online or heading straight to the train station. This ease of access is sure to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered across the country.

300 Spaces by 2028

The ambition is to install 300 of these spaces within the next seven years. The zones of priority for this development will be the areas characterized by insufficient healthcare provisions and difficulty accessing care. With a whopping 1735 potential locations, the possibilities are vast and the impact significant.

Closing the Healthcare Gap

SNCF is confident this initiative will help bridge the healthcare gap. With the fact that 90% of the French population lives within 10 km of a train station, it is clear this initiative can make a real and tangible difference. Indeed, the potential for positive change that this project represents cannot be underestimated.

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