“The Shocking Truth About 5G Antennas Installation Laws In France!”

Get a deeper insight into rules set by the Council of State in France for the installation of 4G and 5G mobile antennas. Understanding the complexities of these requirements could help shed light on local communities’ objections. Installation of Mobile Relay Antennas and the Need for Building Permits The introduction of new mobile phone relay … Read more

Shocking News: France Tightens Its Grip on Cryptocurrency!

Shocking News: France Tightens Its Grip On Cryptocurrency!

France is stepping up its efforts to regulate cryptocurrency, particularly in relation to taxation. Government Targets Crypto Assets Remember, the French administration is in the process of crafting financial legislation tailored to crypto assets. Compelled by an increasing need to combat public aid fraud and non-declaration of cryptocurrency holdings, the country’s legislative agenda includes this … Read more

Are You Aware of the Downfall of Phone Scams in France?

Are You Aware Of The Downfall Of Phone Scams In France

There’s good news: French citizens are increasingly resistant to the siren song of phone scams. Progress has been made in the fight against unwanted calls, with more people disregarding numbers they don’t recognize. Changing Behavior and Regulations In the past few years, French people have become more vigilant. Figures from Arcep, the nation’s governing body … Read more

Sales of Electric Scooters in France Unexpectedly Slump!

Sales Of Electric Scooters In France Unexpectedly Slump!

Electric scooter sales in France have seen a slump in 2023, with a drop of 10.7%. Despite the dip, the market has shown significant growth since the turn of the decade. 2023 Electric Scooter Sales A total of 678,000 units were sold in 2023, marking a decrease from previous years. This could be attributed to … Read more

Be Alert: How Scammers in France are Overcharging Taxi Customers using Google!

Be Alert: How Scammers In France Are Overcharging Taxi Customers Using Google!

Since May 2023, France has been hit by a wave of taxi scams, affecting not only taxi companies but also unsuspecting customers. Stay tuned as we unravel how fraudsters are taking advantage of the Google search engine and foreign pirate phone platforms to execute their devious plans. The Scam Explained Con-artists are impersonating reputable taxi … Read more

Unprecedented: France Lowers Driver’s License Age to 17!

Unprecedented: France Lowers Driver's License Age To 17!

In France, since the 1st of January, 2024, you can now apply for a driving license as soon as you turn 17. This move has been greeted with enthusiasm by many teenagers and some parents who see it as a way of boosting the independence of their offspring. Raising Eyebrows Among Driving School Professionals While … Read more

Is this the Future? Massive Green Hydrogen Production Facility Opens in Brittany

Is This The Future Massive Green Hydrogen Production Facility Opens In Brittany

Marking a new era for green energy in Brittany, France, Lhyfe has recently inaugurated an extensive green hydrogen production site, one of the largest in the country. Named Lhyfe Bretagne, the facility started its operations on December 15. This is the second installation for the company following their first facility in Occitanie. Lhyfe Bretagne: A … Read more

What “No More Green Stickers on Vehicles” Really Means for You

Get ready for a major change in the way car insurance is represented on your vehicle! Starting from April 1, 2024, the green insurance sticker on your car windshields will no longer be necessary, a move announced by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery (Bercy) and confirmed by Minister Bruno Le Maire in … Read more

Attention! Doctors Invade French Train Stations: Know Why

Attention! Doctors Invade French Train Stations: Know Why

Imagine being able to visit a doctor right at your train station. This is soon to become a reality in France, thanks to a new initiative by French railway transporter, SNCF. Let’s discover this innovative project. Addressing Medical Desert Issues With the aim to tackle the issue of medical deserts in France, SNCF is installing … Read more

Find out Why Orange is Dominating Telecoms in France

Find Out Why Orange Is Dominating Telecoms In France

Recently, a thorough study conducted by the French regulatory authority, Arcep, shed light on the fierce competition among telecommunication giants in France. One provider seems to have taken the lead – Orange. By outperforming its competitors in most metrics, it was found to be delivering a top-notch service across the board. Arcep’s New Speed Threshold … Read more