Be Aware! Notorious Windows 10 & 11 Updates Causing Chaos

The recent updates of and 11 have been causing noticeable complications, including installation difficulties and technical problems with taskbars. The issues are linked to updates KB5034763 and KB5034765.

Windows 11 Installation Issues

There have been numerous reports of installation problems on . Many users have faced challenges with the cumulative referenced KB5034765. The main issue arises during the rebooting of personal computers when they display error codes 0x800f0922, 0x800f0982, or 0x80070002.

Possible Solutions

For users facing these issues, there are several potential solutions available:

  • Deleting the temporary folder “”.
  • Using the disk cleanup tool in administrator mode.
  • Executing the command line “rmdir /S /Q C:$WinREAgent”.
  • Manually deleting the folder through the File Explorer.
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Once the folder is successfully deleted, users are advised to attempt the update again.

Taskbar and File Explorer Issues on Windows 10 and 11

The updates have also caused issues with taskbars and the File Explorer. On Windows 10, system status icons have disappeared and pinned applications on the taskbar no longer launch. On Windows 11, the taskbar doesn't function after the computer is started.

The recommended solution for these issues involves uninstalling the problematic updates through the Update History menu. Once the updates are uninstalled, users should try to update their systems again via Windows Update.

File Explorer Issue on Windows 11

On Windows 11, another problem occurs when trying to shut down or reboot the PC, resulting in an error message. This issue is reportedly caused by an external device such as an Xbox controller. Unfortunately, has not yet released a fix for this issue.

The Upside of Windows 11

Despite these issues, Windows 11 does offer some notable positive elements. It redefines with a completely redesigned interface and personalized widgets. The enhanced integration of Microsoft Teams is another positive feature. Overall, Windows 11 aims to optimize and enrich the daily use of devices for a wide variety of users by balancing effectiveness and ease of use.

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