Discover Firefox’s Most Important Update Yet!

Mozilla Firefox, a leading name in the web browser industry, has rolled out its latest version, 124. With tightening and exciting new features, it's a significant for all users.

What’s New in Firefox 124?

The version 124 release brings a variety of improvements to Firefox users. One of the major ones is the addition of several security patches, improving the overall safety of the browser. The new version also introduces new accessibility settings.

Improvements in Accessibility

The new accessibility settings include a functioning cursor navigation mode within the PDF viewer and the ability to navigate web pages using the keyboard. This opens up greater accessibility for users and makes browsing more efficient.

Uplifts for Windows and macOS

The Windows version now features a more efficiently filled taskbar shortcut list. The macOS version, on the other hand, has further integrated with the operating system by utilizing the macOS full-screen API for all full-screen windows. Both versions will notice improvements in the overall browsing experience.

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New Tab Organization Options

Firefox View now offers new tab organization options. Users can choose to sort their tabs by the order they were opened or by recent activity. This helps in managing multiple tabs and makes navigation a smoother experience.

Qwant Availability

For users in , Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, Qwant availability has been expanded to all languages. This is a great step forward for the browser.

Firefox’s Android Version

In December, over 500 new extensions were added to the Android version of the browser. This version also included other new features, which were later added to version 121.

The Development of Firefox

The development of Firefox is handled entirely in-house. This ensures that the browser remains reliable, effective, and stable. Optimization features for the user interface and are also frequently integrated, making the overall use of Firefox a comfortable and efficient experience.

Committed to Privacy and Confidentiality

Firefox is highly committed to the protection of and confidentiality. The company has developed numerous technologies in-house to ensure a secure environment, including site isolation, sandboxed tabs, and aggressive ad, cookie and cross-site tracker blocking.

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The browser's independence from Chromium has provided the opportunity for innovations and experiments, further securing Firefox's place as a leader in privacy and confidentiality protection.

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