Is Green Hydrogen the Future? This French Startup Thinks So!

French start-up Lhyfe has gained substantial state financing, marking an exciting development for the green hydrogen industry. The funding will facilitate the construction of a large-scale green hydrogen production plant by 2028.

Key Financial Support

The total funding for Lhyfe's ambitious project could reach as much as 149 million euros. This financial boost is set to help the company to become a key player in the renewable hydrogen industry. Lhyfe's project will undoubtedly become a reality with this significant financial backing.

French and European Support

The French Minister for Industry and Energy has officially confirmed state support for Lhyfe's project. Additionally, it's not just that's backing this venture into green hydrogen. The project also has the full support of the European Commission, highlighting the importance of this industry on a continental level.

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Company Presence

Lhyfe is not a small start-up. The company has a presence in 12 European countries and already employs 200 people. This project is a significant step forward for them, and could potentially boost their visibility and influence in the sector.

The Future Plant

The future green hydrogen production plant will be located near Le Havre in Normandy. It is to be situated in a low-carbon industrial zone, spanning a total area of 2.8 hectares. The plant will boast an impressive 100MW capacity, with the aim of producing up to 34 tonnes of green hydrogen per day.

Next Steps

With financing almost complete, the remaining steps for Lhyfe include obtaining operating permissions and building permits. The company is on track for their large-scale green hydrogen production plant to be operational by 2028.

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