Discover Google Meet’s AI-Powered Hand Raising Feature

Meet is stepping up its game by introducing a groundbreaking feature that leverages the power of ().

Video Conferencing Reimagined

As video conferencing services become pivotal in organizing our daily professional activities, Google Meet takes it a notch higher. This new AI-powered feature allows users to virtually raise their hand during video conferences.

Raise Your Hand Virtually

So how does this work? The user just needs to raise their hand physically; the AI then translates this action into a virtual hand raise within the application. The entire process is relatively swift, requiring the hand to be held up just for a few moments before activation.

Control Over the Feature

The meeting host or moderator can then acknowledge the raised hand and offer the floor to the user. Keep in mind, though, to cancel the virtual hand raise, users are required to go through the app interface.

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Limited Availability

This feature is, sadly, not for everyone. If a user has disabled their webcam, the feature becomes unavailable to them. It also needs the hand to stand out clearly from the user's face and body for the AI to detect the gesture accurately. The feature isn't on by default either; users need to activate it in the settings.

Rollout and Accessibility

The rollout for this feature has already started and, over the next few weeks, it will gradually become available in video chats. Access, however, is limited to Workspace subscribers, professionals, and students.

Google Meet – A Brief Note

Initially introduced as Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is a platform developed by Google that facilitates high-quality video meetings. It plays a significant role in enabling remote collaborations in various areas like work, education, and social interactions. The aim behind these ongoing is to make the tools more effective, accessible, and relevant to users.

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