Discover ‘Mami Nena’, the 81-year-old Gaming Sensation Taking the Internet by Storm

Meet Maria Elena Arévalo, an 81-year-old Chilean grandmother with an unexpected hobby and a massive online following. Better known as “Mami Nena”, her passion for playing Garena Free Fire has made her a popular influencer.

Arévalo found her way into the gaming world, thanks to her grandson Héctor Carrasco. Following the loss of her husband in 2020, she was introduced to video games, which she embraced with open arms. Her home in Llay-Llay, roughly 100 kilometers from Santiago, has since become her gaming hub.

Gaming Journey and Popularity

Not only has Arévalo amassed nearly 650,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, but she also participates in gaming competitions. Her journey is a testament to the fact that video games can serve as a social connection tool, transcending generational gaps.

Arévalo isn't just popular, she's respected. Her influence is such that she has achieved the status of an official ambassador for Free Fire. Additionally, she has also made it to the list of the 100 most influential older people in Chile, a testament to her incredible journey.

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Symbol and Dedication

In her gaming activities, Arévalo pays tribute to her late husband by using a small bird, Benito, as her gaming symbol. Despite her battle with scleroderma, a severe autoimmune disease affecting multiple organs, she remains steadfast in her love for gaming. Her resolve is unshakeable — she vows to continue gaming for as long as she can.

A Growing Trend

The rise of gaming among older individuals is becoming increasingly prevalent. Arévalo's popularity and the widespread attention she has received underline this trend. She also made a significant leap by visiting Mexico about a year and a half ago, marking her first trip abroad.

Arévalo's story is one of resilience, passion, and a willingness to try new things. This 81-year-old grandmother is redefining expectations, bringing joy to hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and confirming that the world of gaming knows no age limits.

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