Discover the Hidden Power of pCloud: Top Online Storage in 2024

Discover pCloud, the leading provider in secure online storage services enjoyed by approximately 19 million customers around the world. Offering advanced and features, pCloud is considered one of the most dependable online file storage solutions in , holding its ground against major competitors like Dropbox and Drive.

pCloud’s Offering

pCloud offers 10 GB of cloud storage free of charge to new users. One of their standout features is pCloud Encryption, a Swiss-based encryption feature that puts client-side encryption at the forefront. This feature uses a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring that no third party, including pCloud, can access a user's data. The data and files are securely encrypted on the user's device before being transferred to the cloud server.

Holiday Special Offers

pCloud is currently running lucrative holiday season offers, offering discount rates of up to 85% on Family lifetime plans. A family plan with 2 TB storage is available for just 499 €, down from 1700 €, a saving of 71%. And for those needing more storage, the 10 TB storage plan is now 1169 €, marking a generous decrease from 7600 €, an impressive 85% off.

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pCloud Encryption

The encryption feature of pCloud is uncompromising when it comes to . By using military-grade encryption standards, pCloud Encryption makes the storage space virtually impervious to hacking attempts. The encryption standards used include 4096-bit RSA, often used for transferring sensitive data online, and 256-bit AES, a symmetric encryption algorithm considered uncrackable and used by most government organizations.

pCloud is so confident in its encryption that it once organized a hackathon with a 100,000-dollar reward for anyone who could break through the encryption. To date, no one has been successful.

Benefits of pCloud Encryption

pCloud's encryption caters to the needs of both individuals and businesses with high data security and privacy needs. Individuals can safeguard private documents like medical reports, bank statements, administrative account access data, and images, while businesses, especially SMEs, can safely encrypt sensitive documents before transfer and manage collaborative usage securely.

pCloud Encryption Limitations

Safety comes with some tradeoffs. Given that only the user can interpret the encrypted files, the server is unable to display file extensions, photo thumbnails, and other content previews. Moreover, videos cannot be played directly from the cloud, and archives cannot be decompressed from the cloud. Lastly, the WebDAV, an HTTP extension for managing remote content, is not supported by Encryption, so users must access their account and upload files through the platform.

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pCloud Premium

pCloud Premium offers 500 GB of optional storage space in addition to the 10 GB of free space. It does not have any upload limits and operates under Swiss jurisdiction.

With its reliability, security, and simplicity across all platforms, pCloud continues to be a go-to choice for secure online storage in 2024.

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