Discover VerifEye, the App That Sees Through Your Lies

Free app VerifEye, developed by Converus, purports to detect dishonesty with an impressive 80% success rate, already making waves in fields that put high value on truthfulness.

The App in Action

VerifEye has already found use among professionals who need to confirm the truth of statements. For instance, IsoTalent, a recruitment firm in Utah, utilized the app to confirm the backgrounds of Mexican nurses. The company reports that this has the potential to decrease recruitment expenses by approximately 20%.

The application has the potential to be used by sizable businesses administering over a million tests annually.

Behind the Tech

VerifEye relies on the analysis of eye motion and behavioural patterns to detect dishonesty, potentially incorporating machine learning. Despite the modern application, the concept of using eye behaviour to determine the truth dates back to the 1970s. Early theories proposed that elements such as pupil dilation and blink speed might signal dishonesty.

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Yet, a study conducted by Plos One in 2012 challenged some of these early beliefs.

Availability and Legal Use

It is worth noting that, currently, the app is available for download in . To take advantage of the truth verification attribute, users require a provider's test link.

Its adoption in legal settings remains uncertain, casting some doubt over the broader applications of this innovative .

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