Is the French Military Invading the Metaverse? Reality or Hoax?

Embarking on an innovative venture, the French Ministry of the Armies has introduced a virtual space within the metaverse. This endeavour, utilising the Decentraland platform, offers a fresh approach to engage the youth and showcase the military realm in a fun, interactive way.

The purpose behind this project is to attract the younger generation – particularly individuals aged 18 to 35. It provides a unique opportunity for them to explore the military world and discover the various roles it has to offer. The virtual space will remain accessible to the public for a span of three months.

The Layout of the Virtual Space

The virtual structure is divided into three principal zones: youth, culture, and recruitment. Each zone offers a distinct set of interactive experiences and valuable insights. Also, it hosts a variety of topics that range from youth-military initiatives to community service offers, all designed to engage and educate its visitors.

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The Recruitment Drive

One of the noteworthy features is its emphasis on recruitment. This is achieved through a unique blend of information dissemination and interactive experiences. As part of this initiative, participants can partake in quizzes and earn virtual rewards. The ministry's ambassadors from “My Job Glasses” are spotlighted, shedding light on digital jobs and communication and information systems. Furthermore, players are directed towards job offers through the recruitment site, Welcome to the Jungle.

Promoting Unknown Funds

Another aspect of this initiative is the promotion of lesser-known public and private funding opportunities. By doing this, the virtual space serves as an effective space for raising awareness about these funds.

Behind the Scenes

The driving force behind this project is the Delegation for Ministerial Transformation and (DTPM). It bears the label of the Defense Agency (AID), signifying its alignment with the latest trends and innovations.

While there have been some criticisms about the design of the Decentraland platform, the project is largely viewed as an original and engaging way to reach out to the younger generation. This initiative is indicative of the increasing significance of virtual platforms for government institutions seeking to garner interest and engagement from the younger demographic.

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