“Discover the Secret Language Taking Over WhatsApp”

, the popular messaging app, has become a hotbed for coded messages among young users. With this secret language, they communicate complex emotions and thoughts in a cryptic fashion, often leaving elders baffled.

Common Coded Messages on WhatsApp

The series “143” is a recurrent one, representing “I love you”. Each number stands for a letter – 1 for “I”, 4 for “L”, and 3 for “U”. Another variant, “1437”, has an extra number ‘7', which stands for “forever”, thus this code translates to “I love you forever”.

Another popular number sequence is “666”. This is often used to provide comfort and calm to a distressed friend, serving as a digital way of offering support.

Secret Codes for More Personal Communication

Moving away from more traditional expressions of affection, other coded messages have emerged. The code “687”, for instance, means “I'm sorry”, with the number 6 representing “S”, 8 as “O”, and 7 as “R”.

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An intriguing code, “1543”, signifies “I still love you”. The numbers 1, 5, 4, and 3 represent “I”, “S”, “L”, and “U” respectively.

Often, these codes can also be used to provide encouragement. The code “1122”, for instance, is used to give strength to someone facing a challenge. The specific meaning of this code, however, remains a mystery among most adults.

Codes: The Divide Between Young and Elder

These coded messages are particularly prevalent among young users and have become a sort of secret language within their circles. Elders, on the other hand, often find themselves perplexed by these cryptic, numerical sequences.

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