Is Your iPhone 15 Dangerously Glitchy? Big Fix Coming!

Anticipation builds as the release of an iOS 17.1.1 is speculated to be announced this week. This update aims to rectify several glitches impinging on the operation of the 15.

Bug Fixes

The iPhone 15, although celebrated for its sleek design, luminous display, and enhanced photo features, is not without its flaws. The imminent update is expected to address a multitude of these issues.

One prevalent problem involves Wi-Fi connectivity. This glitch is one of the notable problems that the forthcoming update is projected to rectify.

Simultaneously, a bug that has been causing issues during nighttime on several devices is also under the microscope for this update.

Furthermore, a connection issue between the iPhone 15 and BMW vehicles has been reported, causing damage to the phone's NFC chip during wireless charging. This significant problem is also hoped to be resolved with the new update.

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Upcoming Updates

With limited information available, the exact release timeframe for the update remains a mystery.

Subsequently, iOS 17.2 is making its way through the beta stage, with widespread predictions forecasting its unveiling in the coming month.

Additional Information

It's worth noting, though, installing the iOS 17.2 beta on iPhones networked with Free Mobile is ill-advised, as a bug hampers the sending of text messages.

Simultaneously, an update to watchOS is on the cards. This update will put an end to the excessive battery drainage experienced by Watch users.

Design and Features

The iPhone 15 has been lauded for its myriad of features, not least among which is the introduction of a digital zoom feature absent from preceding models. Despite this, the device continues to operate on the dated USB 2.0 standard, even though it has made the switch to USB-C.

It's worth noting that the iPhone 15's battery longevity has been pinpointed as a significant shortcoming, leading many users to opt for the iPhone 15 Plus instead.

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