Discover 2023’s Top Trending Products That Everybody’s Googling!

's Holiday 100 list has unveiled the top trending consumer product searches of 2023, offering a treasure trove of inspiration for those stumped on gift ideas.

2023’s Top Consumer Product Searches

With a glimpse into what people are hunting for, the top five trending items are hair clips, Cozyberry candle warmers, synthetic diamond tennis necklaces, human-sized dog beds, and DIY 3D vase puzzles. These popular searches show a varied interest among consumers, ranging from fashion to home décor to pet products, and engaging DIY projects.

Record Hits on Hair Clips

March 2023 saw hair clip searches skyrocket to an all-time high, becoming a fashion staple among internet users.

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Candle Warmers Shine in Home Décor

Over the past year, the Cozyberry candle warmer has emerged as the most fashionable home décor item with a significant increase in searches.

Sharp Increase in Synthetic Diamond Necklace Popularity

The allure of synthetic diamond tennis necklaces has seen a major surge, with interest more than doubling since 2022.

Dog Beds: The Bigger, The Better

Searches for human-sized dog beds have soared with an impressive growth of over 1650%, indicating a trend towards luxury pet products.

DIY 3D Vase Puzzles Gain Momentum

The intrigue for DIY 3D vase puzzles increased exponentially in 2023, boosting their searches by a whopping 1150%.

Holiday 100 List as a Shopping Aid

The Holiday 100 list can provide a helping hand to those struggling with holiday gift ideas. A study by Google shows that 41% of consumers find holiday shopping difficult due to a lack of inspiration, with 23% of respondents feeling uninspired when choosing holiday gifts.

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Google Chrome Enhancements

Adding to the shopping ease, Google Chrome has announced features to help consumers spot e-commerce discounts better. These include a price history tool and a simplified process for setting up price drop alerts.

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