Microsoft Shakes Things Up With Crucial Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is readying its popular operating system, , for to align with the upcoming Digital Market Act (DMA) rules in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Microsoft Prepares for DMA Compliance

The giant is taking strides in ensuring its Windows 10 platform is DMA compliant in the EEA. It has outlined a crucial for February 2024 that brings more flexibility to its users. The ability to uninstall a wider range of Microsoft-installed apps, such as Bing integration and Microsoft Edge, will be part of this update.

Testing of the Update

The benefit of this is that users have an increased control over the apps on their machines. Interestingly, this feature was first trialed on , with apps such as Camera, Photos, and Cortana being removable. The optional update KB5034203 will now bring this feature to the European market.

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Full Release and DMA Enforcement

It's worth noting that the initial release of this update will be targeting IT administrators for testing purposes. The full launch to the public is scheduled for February 2024, right before the DMA enforcement goes live on March 6, 2024.

User Configuration and Limitations

Another important change is that Windows will have to follow user-configured default app settings for opening files and links. Microsoft clarifies, “some links will continue to require opening in Microsoft Edge, even if it can be uninstalled.” This additional flexibility is only available to EEA users, meaning users outside the EEA are unable to change their location settings to benefit from this feature without resetting their PC.

Windows 10 Popularity and Features

Windows 10 remains Microsoft's most widely used operating system, boasting over a billion active installations globally. Even with the recent introduction of Windows 11, updates for Windows 10 will continue until 2025. Windows 10 is known for its unique features such as touch input, Windows Hello facial recognition, a revamped screenshot tool, and an enhanced window layout.

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