Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft’s Sensitive Data

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft's Sensitive Data

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, recently experienced a security issue, exposing sensitive information to the public, putting the company’s data and services at risk. Azure’s Security Flaw Azure, the cloud service provided by Microsoft, recently fell victim to a security flaw. This flaw led to the exposure of stored server information, making it accessible to the … Read more

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Fixes Major Security Flaws: Details Inside

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Fixes Major Security Flaws: Details Inside

The much-anticipated Microsoft Patch Tuesday for March 2024 is now live, addressing critical security fixes and resolving issues that have been hampering PC updates. As part of the routine, the Patch Tuesday releases happen every second Tuesday of the month, with the latest patches available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. The March … Read more

Why Has Apple Repeatedly Rejected Bing? The Inside Story!

Why Has Apple Repeatedly Rejected Bing The Inside Story!

Microsoft’s repeated attempt to convince Apple to adopt Bing is a saga that has been going on for more than a decade. Leaked documents from Google highlight how this tech giant has consistently declined Microsoft’s advances, resulting in Bing holding a mere 3.4% of the search engine market share. A Decade of Attempts Microsoft held … Read more

Beware! Microsoft’s Generative Erase is Ready to Change How You Edit Photos

Beware! Microsoft's Generative Erase Is Ready To Change How You Edit Photos

Microsoft is adding a fresh layer of technological sophistication to their Photos application by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. In an attempt to keep up with Google and Samsung, this update features a new tool, Generative Erase, that aims to redefine your digital photo manipulation experience. Generative Erase – A New AI Tool The new … Read more

Shock as Microsoft Xbox Games to Launch on PS and Switch!

Shock As Microsoft Xbox Games To Launch On Ps And Switch!

Prepare for a wave of excitement as Microsoft is set to extend the reach of its Xbox games, making them available on PlayStation and Switch. With four multiplatform game releases around the corner, gaming enthusiasts have every reason to be thrilled! Microsoft’s Forthcoming Multiplatform Releases Microsoft has confirmed four games that are primed for imminent … Read more

Revealed: How Safe is Your Data on Your Windows PC?

Revealed: How Safe Is Your Data On Your Windows Pc

Ever wondered about the security of your data on your computer? Here is a revelatory piece that questions the efficacy of Microsoft’s encryption system and its vulnerability to simple bypass with inexpensive tools. The Security Promise of Microsoft’s Encryption System Microsoft has consistently stood by the robustness of its encryption system, asserting its difficulty to … Read more

Will Windows Phone Finally Get a Proper YouTube App?

Will Windows Phone Finally Get A Proper Youtube App

The relationship between Google and Windows Phone has always been tense. One of the main reasons for the downfall of Windows Phone is the scarcity of apps in its store compared to Android and iOS. A prime example of this issue is the YouTube app. Work in Progress on YouTube App for Windows Phone Despite … Read more

Microsoft Shakes Things Up With Crucial Windows 10 Update

Microsoft Shakes Things Up With Crucial Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is readying its popular operating system, Windows 10, for updates to align with the upcoming Digital Market Act (DMA) rules in the European Economic Area (EEA). Microsoft Prepares for DMA Compliance The technology giant is taking strides in ensuring its Windows 10 platform is DMA compliant in the EEA. It has outlined a crucial … Read more

Unlock the Secrets of Microsoft’s Standalone AI App

Unlock The Secrets Of Microsoft's Standalone Ai App

Joining the ranks of standalone smartphone applications is Microsoft’s AI tool, Copilot. This innovative tool, previously a part of Windows and accessible through numerous mobile apps and web, has now been discovered to have its dedicated app. A Standalone App for Copilot The pleasant discovery was made by a user, @techosarusrex, who found out that … Read more

The Unexpected Return of Windows Phone: Can it Make a Comeback?

The Unexpected Return Of Windows Phone: Can It Make A Comeback

Windows Phone, an obsolete operating system by Microsoft, continues to leave a mark with its impressive design and smooth user interface. Despite its inability to secure a dominant position in the smartphone market, its well-crafted design and accessibility are still memorable. Microsoft’s Vision with Windows Phone Microsoft’s primary goal with Windows Phone was to bring … Read more