Revolutionize Your Home with the New Mui Board 2nd Generation!

Discover the new generation of smart home technology as the Kyoto-based company, mui, introduces the mui Board 2nd Generation at .

Mui Board 2nd Generation: A Real Game Changer

Breaking the norms of the industry, mui Board 2nd Generation is a connected hub that does not rely on screens or videos. Like a Nest Hub, but built with natural wood and an internal LED display. When not in use, it doubles as a decorative piece, closely resembling a narrow shelf you can hang on your wall.

Functionality at its Finest

This device is capable of controlling all smart devices in your home or apartment, including but not limited to lights, thermostats, roller shutters, air purifiers, and televisions. The wood facade acts as a display, providing access to device information and controls through an integrated touch surface. A fun feature included is the ability to make simple drawings on the surface using a dedicated feature.

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Compatibility Like Never Before

Showing significant improvement from the first model, the new mui Board 2nd Generation now supports the Matter standard. Matter is renowned for providing maximum interoperability between smart devices, and it has been adopted by various major brands like Nest, Tapo, , Samsung, and TP-Link.

Availability and Pricing

Planning to hit the market by the end of , the mui Board 2nd Generation has a listed price of . However, for those eager to get hands on it early, a pre-order during the Kickstarter campaign is available at a reduced price of .

Kickstarter Campaign: A Stepping Stone to Market Launch

With the aim to officially the product in the market, a Kickstarter campaign was put into action. It has proven successful so far with more than €63,000 already raised.

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