Shocking Police Car Crash Leaked, What’s The Penalty For Sharing?

A shocking video of a police car accident in Caen, Normandy has sparked controversy after being leaked online. This raises significant questions about and the legal implications of unauthorized video distribution.

The regrettable incident, captured on video, occurred when a police car rolled over multiple times. Yet, despite the severity of the crash, thankfully, no one was injured.

Who had access to the video?

The video originated from the surveillance network of the Interdepartmental Road Directorate Northwest (DirNo). Supposedly, access to this footage was limited to select authorities, specifically traffic management agents in Caen and law enforcement.

Significantly, it's reported that the gendarmerie did not request the video of the crash. Therefore, someone from within DirNo took it upon themselves to record the screen and post the video on social media.

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Legal implications of the video leak

Unbeknownst to many, using such images from surveillance video is in fact a serious legal offence. The person who posted this accident video online is now facing potential legal consequences.

The punishment is severe. The individual could face up to three years in prison and be fined 45,000 euros. This should serve as a stark reminder of the legal boundaries of video distribution.

Penalties for those who shared the video

The law does not only target the person who initially posted the video. Those who shared these images also heavy penalties. They could potentially face up to five years in prison and a hefty of 375,000 euros.

This incident undeniably raises concerns about the protection of video surveillance data. It also brings to light the serious legal consequences of unauthorized distribution.

An ongoing investigation

Currently, an in-depth investigation is underway. The aim is to identify the individuals responsible for the leak. High stakes are involved, which goes to show the gravity of such unlawful actions.

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