Say Goodbye to Spam Calls: The Game-Changing Orange Telephone Application

Say Goodbye To Spam Calls: The Game Changing Orange Telephone Application

The Orange Telephone application, a free mobile service, brings a new anti-spam feature to counter telemarketing. With no ads, this application detects and blocks unwanted calls, enhancing both user experience and peace of mind. Update to The Orange Telephone Application The recent update allows users to directly block reported numbers from their smartphones. This function … Read more

80 Gbps Shock: Windows 11 Pushes Boundaries with New USB Speeds

80 Gbps Shock: Windows 11 Pushes Boundaries With New Usb Speeds

Brace for a faster, smoother experience with the latest updates to Windows 11, from swift USB speeds to seamless system updates. Read on to learn more about these exciting enhancements. USB 4 Version 2.0: A Step Up in Speed As part of its continuous incremental enhancements, Windows 11 now embraces the new USB 4 Version … Read more

Discover Microsoft’s Power Move: A Revolutionary Battery Saver in the Making

Discover Microsoft's Power Move: A Revolutionary Battery Saver In The Making

Grab your attention with a new development by Microsoft: a battery saver preview for Windows 11. This isn’t just a regular energy saving tool, it’s a sophisticated feature designed to step up the user experience with more varied uses and enhanced connectivity options. The Preview Update Microsoft is testing the waters with the build 26002 … Read more