Discover Why the French Platform 33700 is Your Best Weapon Against Spam

Enhancing your experience of combating unwanted calls and messages, the French platform 33700 has recently revamped its interface and tools. Originally conceived in 2008 to counter the nuisance of unsolicited SMS, the platform now covers unwanted phone calls as well.

Upgrade to a Simpler and Efficient User Experience

Three brand-new tools have been introduced as part of the recent . These tools not only simplify your interaction with the platform but also make it more efficient. In line with your preferences, you can now report spam through a screenshot or a form.

Sleek Design for Quick Resolution

The newly designed website is neat and directs you straight to your problem area. This free, user-friendly platform pledges to provide a resolution to most of the issues reported. Backed by the French General Directorate for , Consumer Affairs and Control (DGCCRF), it even allows you to report issues related to a product or a company.

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Complementing BlocTel Service

Besides, the platform complements the BlocTel service of the French government which stops registered numbers from getting calls. It also enhances a variety of applications and services that guard against disturbance calls and spam.

Aiding in Privacy Maintenance

This platform inspires you to take charge of your . It guides you on how to identify and block unwanted numbers, report disturbance calls, and comprehend the laws related to these issues. In this manner, the platform continues to uphold its original mission to safeguard consumers from unwanted calls and messages.

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